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Remodeling & Home Improvement

Remodeling + Home Improvement

Whether you're buying a fixer-upper or you'd just like to make your own mark on your new house, home improvement and remodeling projects are growing in popularity every day. Here are some tips on how you can personalize and upgrade your home to match your personality, lifestyle and the ever-changing needs of your family.

Fast-fixes and instant upgrades

If you're looking for a change, but you don't have a big budget, here are some tips for giving your home a fresh look without breaking the bank.

Full-scale home remodeling: is it right for you?

If you're buying a home that needs work, or you simply enjoy remodeling or redecorating, here are some thoughts to keep in mind before you get started:

How much will a remodel or upgrade add to the value of your home? Depending on how advanced you want to get, remember that most homeowners don't recoup their full remodel investment when it's time to resell. While figures vary, most experts agree that kitchen and bathroom upgrades add the most value to a home, with swimming pools and landscaping adding to the curb appeal of a property. The true value of the remodel comes from your personal enjoyment of your home while you're in it.

What kind of budget do you have to work with? You'll want to do your homework before consulting with contractors for bids. Always make sure you're using a licensed contractor for your work, and get all estimates and project particulars in writing before a job begins.

Home Care Tips

Living in Las Vegas will change your view of the world. Even lifelong, sunny-city residents marvel at how few dank, rainy days there are. Residents enjoy clear skies and stunning views, from mountain ranges to the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

Panoramic windows let Las Vegans soak up the sun and sights. With all the towering condos coming to Las Vegas, a sky-high glass wall-on-the-world won't be uncommon. Appealing as big windows may be, the views they afford can be pricey.

Fortunately, there's good news. Las Vegas homeowners can do something simple and painless to cut monthly energy bills. Smart shoppers are learning that energy-smart window coverings bring big savings, without sacrificing style. The right shades, blinds and shutters can cut the sun's glare and insulate the home while still looking great.

In the past, heavy drapery insulated the family home, keeping it warm when temperatures dropped and blocking sun when things got too hot. These days the theory isn't much different. Modern, solarized window treatments manage light in a way that keeps rooms bright, without letting the sun's rays bake your home, bleach your furniture or crank up cooling costs.

Smart window treatments insulate, creating a protective air space between exterior glass rooms. Energy-smart shades, blinds or shutters can cut interior surface temperatures by as much as 30 degrees. That difference makes a big impact on monthly energy costs, especially in superheated Las Vegas summers.

Whether you're finishing a brand new home, buying a condo in the sky, upgrading or redesigning, be sure the window treatments you pick look great and save energy. That way, your cooling, heating and power bills will look as good as your windows.

Landscaping in the Desert

If you think desert landscape is all about rocks and cacti, think again! One trip to the Desert Demonstration Gardens at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve will open your eyes to the true beauty of desert xeriscape landscaping. From succulent agaves and billowing fountain grass to blooming plum trees and waving queen palms, you can create an oasis in the desert while still saving precious water. Best of all, if you're replacing turf, you may qualify for a rebate from the water district to cover the costs of your new landscaping. To learn more about beautifying your home through desert landscaping, visit