Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Facilitator to Design Curriculum and Provide Leadership Skills Training for Leadership Advance Program

RFP Released: December 12, 2018
Proposals Due: January 25, 2019; 12:00 p.m.

Proposals may be submitted via email to with subject line:
Leadership Facilitator Proposal

They may also be submitted to:
Leadership Foundation of Greater Las Vegas
575 Symphony Park Ave., Ste. 100
Las Vegas, NV 89106

Point of Contact:
Cara Clarke, Executive Director

Leadership Advance is one of several programs offered by the Leadership Foundation
of Greater Las Vegas, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is affiliated with the Las Vegas Metro
Chamber of Commerce. Through the Leadership Foundation, the Metro Chamber is
dedicated to developing and engaging leaders to help our community thrive.

The Leadership Advance program provides emerging and mid-level professionals with
leadership training that can transform them into more effective and confident managers
and help advance their careers. During the program, class members – through a
professional facilitator – gain extensive insight into their own leadership style and skills,
and learn leadership strategies and techniques, as well as a better understanding of the

Leadership Advance has historically been a 10-month program that begins with an
opening retreat, followed by one full-day session per month for nine months, with half
the session day being spent examining an aspect of the community, and the other half
devoted to leadership training led by a facilitator.

Leadership Advance is being reimagined into a 5-month program, with two cohorts per
year. The new adaptation of Leadership Advance will meet one day per month for five
months. Each session day will focus on leadership skills training by the chosen
facilitator. The curriculum may also include topics of civic and/or business leadership
and hearing from experienced community and business leader exemplars.

Purpose and Performance Schedule

The new purpose of Leadership Advance is to cultivate professionals who are skilled
and effective leaders. The schedule for the program falls into two 5-month cycles per
year, one full day session day per month. The class will be comprised of between 20
and up to 50 participants ranging in age of 21 years and above. The new program will
launch in August 2019 ending in December 2019, with the program repeating February
through June 2020, and August through December 2020. This cycle will continue going
forward. The program facilitator will be paid for one day of facilitation once per month for
10 classes throughout the year as well as curriculum development, class preparation,
and consultation with Leadership Foundation. Potential class topics are listed below
under “Scope of Work.”

We are seeking a facilitator with a strong track record of leadership training success, as
well as someone who can lead a dynamic and engaging program.

Classes will be in the Las Vegas metro area. The first session day will serve as a retreat
led by the facilitator with the purpose of group bonding and building strong class
cohesion, as well as beginning the leadership training. The following days will be
training heavy, with the aim of the final day serving as a wrap up of the curriculum and
individual takeaways.

The Leadership Foundation of Greater Las Vegas is seeking a single entity (facilitator)
with the ability:
1. To provide leadership skills training for emerging leaders or those who want to
enhance their leadership abilities.

2. To create professional leadership skills training curriculum for the Leadership
Advance program that will achieve the program goals.

3. To pre and post-test the participants in order to track skill deficiencies, personal
leadership goals, and positive effects of programming.

The facilitator should be:

1. Experienced in the art of leadership training facilitation, with the proven ability to
inspire participation and guide learning.

2. Familiar with adult learning practices, specifically in the area of leadership skill

3. Hold certifications in leadership training topics such as emotional intelligence and
strategic decision making.

4. Possess a proven track record of business and industry leadership facilitation

Scope of Work and Deliverables

The purpose of the Leadership Advance program is to help class members develop a
better understanding of their leadership talent, enhance their professional leadership
abilities, and become more effective professional leaders. The facilitator will be
expected to design and implement a program curriculum to achieve this purpose. The
curriculum should contain interactive pieces to inspire open conversation as well as
participant activities – including written work, reading, and class participation. The
chosen facilitator will also work with the program manager and executive director to
finalize the curriculum.

Covered leadership topics and skills should include; but are not limited to:
• Strategic decision-making
• Problem solving
• Accountability
• Managing vs leading
• Building a vision
• Setting and achieving goals
• Relationship building
• Motivating teams
• Emotional intelligence
• Talent pipeline management
• Communication

o Productive conflict vs fruitless conflict

o Influencing at all levels of a company with impact

o How to conduct difficult conversations

o Collaboration

o Delegation

Budget and Length of Contract

The selected facilitator will be compensated at $6,000 for curriculum development and
facilitation of ten sessions (each cycle being five sessions long, offered twice a calendar
year). The initial contract will be up to 15-months in length to include time for curriculum
preparation and coordination ahead of new program offering. Going forward, the
contract will be for an annual amount of $6,000, with an option for renewal.

Application Requirements

Proposals must be complete in order to be considered. Incomplete proposals will not be
considered. Proposals must contain:

• Point of Contact Information
• Name/Description of Organization. Please state if you are an independent
consultant or a multi-individual or corporate applicant
• A narrative description of your proposed approach to the Leadership Advance
program including the leadership skills that will be taught, the training process,
activities, approach, measurements, and any materials that will be part of
training. Please include any additional costs for those materials.
• Capability statement that demonstrates you/your organization’s ability to deliver
services in the content areas chosen, specifically:

o Evidence of successful and effective training facilitation and delivery in the
selected content area to the targeted audience(s) (as appropriate);

o Demonstrated current content knowledge of adult learning facilitation.

• Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume for principal facilitator/expert (page limit: 2
pages per facilitator/expert)
• One sample presentation/facilitator’s plan that demonstrates understanding of
the target demographic, leadership skills, and program goals.
• Outline of the following:

1. Training Program and Activities

a. Name of curriculum model and outline of topics, and schedule of

b. Target population

c. Planning

d. Timeline

e. Evaluation and measurement of training outcomes

f. Identify costs of any materials needed

2. Organizational Capacity to Implement Project

a. Describe your track record for implementing trainings
such as the one proposed. Your response should include
information about your history with the target population;
your experience delivering similar trainings/activities that
contribute to your success.

3. Client List
4. List of professional references; ideally from those who have
experienced your training
5. List of training credentials that you hold

Evaluation and Selection Process

Proposals will be evaluated by the executive director and a committee determined by
the Leadership Foundation of Greater Las Vegas Board President. After proposal
review, finalists will be invited to an interview with the committee. The committee will
make a recommendation to the Leadership Foundation Board, which will make the
final approval.

Please note: the facilitator selected must be a member of the Las Vegas Metro
Chamber of Commerce at the time of contract signing and must remain a member
in good standing throughout the duration of the contract.

Please submit complete proposal to by January 11, 2019 at
5:00 p.m. PST. Please put in the subject line: Leadership Facilitator Proposal

Proposals may also be submitted to:
Leadership Foundation of Greater Las Vegas
575 Symphony Park Ave., Ste. 100
Las Vegas, NV 891